Paella Records is an independent record label , music publishing and music production and audio. Not only edit and produce all the CDs and videos of Red House , but also work in the production and recording for other blues artists ( Jogeix Gaby , Susan Santos , Naco Goñi, …) and in different formats for television, advertising, film , documentaries , theater , radio and video. Some examples:

– Music for TV shows like ” Cops ,” ” Someone had to say ” and “With Eva Hache ” …
– Credits in the movie ” The King” , the documentary ” Infinite Jest ” and the cartoon series “Marco Antonio ” .
– Music plays as ” The crisis as San Francisco ” by Enrique San Francisco.
– Music for the film festival SEMINCI ( International Film Festival of Valladolid).
– In radio jingles for Cien Cadena among others.
– Dubbing , locutions and music companies / brands , foundations , tourism, video and Internet games and DVDs.

Paella Records has produced the transcription, translation and voice of an online course Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (TDAH) the prestigious Dr. Russell A. Barkley for Fundación Educación Activa.